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Funeral Videography

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the pre-need concept?

Planning months ahead can alleviate the stresses of holding memorial service.  At Stories Well Told, we will help you curate the photos and videos you want to use to make this a memorable occasion.

How long should the video run?

We get asked this question all the time.  When it comes to planning a service, they typically run 1hr.  Video lengths very depending on how many presenters or songs you'll be having.  Typically we make a looping video slide show for the "walkin" portion of the service, then the main video is between 7 to 10 minutes.

Can't I just copy some images into a PC and make a slideshow myself?

Yes you can.  Today's software is amazing.  It might look easy, but these presentations take hours and hours - days and weeks to make.  The difference is our experience in image preparation.  Carefully correcting and selecting the right image in the right moment.  The music selection, editing and pacing of the images with the proper transitions comes with time.   We work closely with you to insure every image is perfect to tell your loved ones story.  Let us help you create a Story Well Told.

Can you record my service?

Yes.  We can arrange to capture video of your memorial service with up to 5 cameras.  Audiences will see all the videos, and lower third graphics like television.  We can also arrange to post the service to a streaming site such as YouTube within 1 day of the service.

Can you stream the service to the Internet?  What about Zoom?

Many church and funeral venues do not have broadcast quality video equipment.  Internet data connections for streaming are also very limited.  Stories Well Told is has a long background in streaming media to various platforms from any location.  If it's important to you that your family is included in the day, it's important to us.   We can even arrange for a two-way Zoom conference during any portion of the service.

How many photos do you use for a typical slide show?

On average, a basic single image at a time slide show changes images every 4 seconds.  Adding 2 seconds for dissolves, this is about 5 images every 30 seconds or 10 images per minute.  I would estimate that a 7 minute slide show would be appx 70 to 82 images.

How long does the creative process take when making slide shows and mini-documentary life stories?

The more work we can do ahead of the memorial service the better.  Through the "pre-need" services package, we can start building creative weeks or months before the event.  Shortest turn is a one week rush to complete basic slide shoes.  Custom "news-style" docu-bio packages takes sufficient lead time.

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