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  • Brian Rhea

Live HD Streaming Video and The 6' Table

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

#videostreaming #livestream #mobilevideoproduction

Yes, this is a video control room or what we like to proudly call our, "Video Village". In this small room we placed an 6' table right off the main sanctuary area of the Catholic Church. That's all we needed to make a private, portable control room away from the attendees. A table, power and enough room to run some wires. This small, yet powerful set up, gives us great story telling power. From here we can create a "television-style" multi-camera capture and video stream of your event. On the right, Danny our Director of Photography and Camera Operator, drives the 3 "robo" cameras. Remote controlled "robo" cameras mean we can efficiently and effortlessly "steer" them from this room. "Driving the cameras" means we can pan, tilt and zoom with very smooth technique. On the left, Conrad is our Technical Director. He operates the video "switcher" to blend the cameras and graphics together. Smooth dissolves, fades and cuts of a carefully matched set of cameras is a key element of the multi-cam production. In the middle, that's where the Director sits. He calls the shots and cues up the "lower third" and full screen graphics along with video playback of any pre-recorded material. Indoors or outdoors, it's an easy set-up. One that can come and go to bring your event to life from anywhere we can make a mobile call. #Stories Well Told #videosteaming #videocapture #YouTubeLive #livememorialservice

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