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The Art of Crafting a Live Streamed Memorial Video: Tips from a Professional Digital Media Arranger

The video producer or "Digital Media Arranger" at Stories Well Told plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and professionalism of a live-streamed memorial service. Our responsibilities typically include:

Pre-production Planning:

  • Coordination with the Family: The video producer may work closely with the family or event organizers to understand their preferences, requirements, and any specific details they want to include in the live stream.

  • Logistics: Planning the technical aspects of the live stream, including camera placement, lighting, audio setup, and testing equipment to ensure a smooth broadcast.

  • Scripting: Collaborating on the script or program for the memorial service, including deciding on the order of events, speakers, and any multimedia elements.

Technical Setup:

  • Camera and Equipment Setup: Overseeing the setup of cameras, microphones, lighting, and any other necessary equipment for the live stream.

  • Testing: Conducting thorough pre-event site surveys testing of all equipment to address any potential issues before the live stream begins.

Live Production:

  • Directing the Live Stream: During the memorial service, the video producer may direct the live stream, ensuring that cameras capture the right shots at the right times, switching between camera angles, and managing transitions smoothly.

  • Monitoring Technical Aspects: Keeping an eye on technical elements such as audio quality, video resolution, and internet stability to address any issues promptly.

  • Coordinating with Operators: If there are multiple camera operators or technical staff, the video producer will coordinate their efforts to maintain a cohesive and professional live stream.


  • Editing: If the live stream is recorded for future viewing, the video producer may be involved in editing the footage, removing any glitches, and ensuring a polished final product.

  • Archiving: Ensuring that the recorded live stream is appropriately archived for the family and others who may want to view it later.


  • Communication with Speakers and Participants: Coordinating with speakers, musicians, and other participants to ensure they are aware of the live stream format and any technical considerations.

  • Interacting with the Virtual Audience: Monitoring comments and messages from the virtual audience and relaying relevant information to the appropriate individuals during the live stream.


  • Problem-solving: Being prepared to troubleshoot technical issues in real-time, such as audio or video glitches, and implementing quick solutions to minimize disruptions.

In essence, the video producer is responsible for translating the memorial service into a professional and seamless live-streamed experience, ensuring that those who cannot attend in person can still participate and feel connected to the event.

For more information and to schedule Stories Well Told, please contact us today.

Live streaming a memorial service with Stories Well Told
A live single camera capture video stream to YouTube from a Catholic Vigil at Chapel of the Roses at Oak Hill Cemetery and Memorial Park San Jose, CA

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