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A Global Commemoration: San Jose's Memorial Services streamed live to the Philippines & Italy

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

The world is now smaller when uniting family and friends for important moments online

When we create a custom YouTube channel to preserve a familiy members memory, it forms an instant commmunity who can experience the memorial live as it happens. Live audiences and those who watch later "on demand" are sharing, chatting, living everything as it happens from all around the world.

Whether streaming live indoors or outdoors, creating a short tribute video - the result is always personal and honoring.

Chapel of the Roses at Oak Hill Cemetery and Memorial Park

Here's a few kind words from Stephanie, who worked so hard to honor her Leonora Ancheta and had the vision for holding 3 video streams over the 2 days.

Meditation at Oak Hill Cemetery and Memorial Park

"What a treat to be able to enjoy those beautiful flowers again and be reminded of  how much my grandma loved her flower garden. Bless you for this special touch, for all you did to make everything go so smoothly, and especially for capturing so many special memories for generations to come.
Leonora Ancheta
I appreciate you so very much and hope to be able to work with you again!  You played an integral part in lessening the stress and enhancing my ability to both honor Leonora and be present to my family and guests. I felt like we were in good hands and you handled everything with so much  attention to detail and overall professionalism. What stood out to me most was that I felt that you really cared about the quality of your work and about my family. We will never forget your competence and your kindness. "  

To view the live stream video, please click the image below to watch the this beautiful memorial at Holy Cross Parish, Chapel of the Roses and Meditation at the Oak Hill Cemetary and Memorial Park in San Jose, CA.

Leonora Ancheta Memorial

We're the "digital arrangers". Our setup is fast, the footprint is small and we will honor your loved one with today's communication tools to bond together those seperated by distance yet bonded together in the same spirit through streaming media.

Stories Well Told streaming live to YouTube at Chapel of the Roses San Jose, CA

Thank you Ancheta family for giving us the opportunity to serve you. If you're planning to open your services for creative video capture, heirloom video creation and streaming, please let us know how we can serve you. or please fill out our contact form.

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