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  • Brian Rhea

Live to Nigeria, West Africa in 4 Days

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

"Working with Brian at Stories Well Told was awesome. They were very pleasant to work with. Brian listened to what we wanted, and he delivered an outstanding service."

The funeral service was in 4 days. For those watching on a custom YouTube channel, Patterson, California might have been next door to Nigeria, West Africa. With 3 - Broadcast HD cameras, pre-recorded video content to playback and remote video encoding, nearly 500 family and friends watched the live stream as the service reached any connected device back home in Africa, 7, 721 miles away. The Stories Well Told team brought the memorial chapel service to an audience watching live or on demand that was nearly 16 hours away by plane ride.

Digital file sharing made it possible for those with cell phones to record their video tributes. We curated all of the video files, editing them into a montage.

The family carefully selected some photos to share and Stories Well Told built a custom slideshow that showcased a life well lived.

Following the memorial, we captured the interment service graveside. This video was edited into the final file so anyone connected to the internet, can watch the entire service.

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