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Honoring The Legacy: The Global Reach of a Memorial Celebration

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Services streamed live from New Life Church in Alamo, Ca church touch family and friends abroad

On August 2nd, the YouTube stream for Martin Talmon was watched live and on demand in Germany, Canada and the Eastern United States. The goal with any of our productions is to involve as many as possible to surround the family with friends and family who cannot travel to the memorial due to distance.

Julia Talmon was a pleasure to work with. It was like we were sent, confirming in her faith that God was brining her recourses to help tell the story of her late husband. A prolific writer and story teller in her own right, Julia teamed with us to create memorial pieces in print and video. The 16 page program was a folded and bound volume that read like a story book or magazine article with photos. The video rollin was a tapestry of photo images organized to flow in order with smooth cinematic dissolves. The live stream production was made possible by bringing our gear into the church sanctuary to help supplement what the church didn't provide.

Thank you Julia for trusting us to get it all right. From the webcast, the planning and perfecting of the legacy of life video tribute and the touching in-service program. I know you have many friends and Jesus your loving Savior who will continue to support you as you continue to heal from the passing of Martin.

"Losing my husband has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through, but in the middle of my grief, I am so grateful Brian helped me honor his life in such a beautiful way and make a lasting testament to the wonderful man he was. Brian Rhea and Stories Well Told are truly exceptional."

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