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Social Media Platforms & The Connected Memorial

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

We’re working to improve the “Digital Media Arranger” service for memorials. Which is to say, everything that touches the technical aspect of the event is our domain. Our team at Stories Well Told is doing many unique things to improve streaming quality and worldwide reach while polishing the legacy video tribute story piece. We apply creative post production along with broadcast quality equipment and a team of seasoned video Directors and Producers to your event.

"Social Media has changed everything."

42% of the world’s population - a whopping 3.2 billion people are connected through Social Media platforms. Adding this large remote audience to the memorial, we approach a live online streaming event from the chapel or graveside like a live TV broadcast. Unlike static webcams, we have remote controlled HD cameras that can pan, tilt or zoom to the moment. We can also

playback pre-recorded videos and can switch to live remote presenters over video conferencing platforms. Now anyone and everyone can be present. We’re also responsible for the presentation in the venue, such as, large screens, speakers, microphones, etc. All the tech and all the story creation is our passion.

"We apply creative post production along with broadcast quality equipment and a team of seasoned video Directors and Producers to your event."

On one small table we set up a video control room. Usually adjacent to the chapel. Below we can also capture the interment.

We create our own digital network from LTE and wired broadband data sources that are bonded together to ensure a reliable webcast feed to YouTube and Facebook.

Here’s some links to our Collection Gallery with samples of our services.

Live HD Multi-Camera Webcasts to Social Media

YouTube & Facebook

Large churches are great venues for us. We control the IMAG cut as well as the capture and stream product.

Notice how we were able to capture the 21 gun salute outside the church (while sending it to the audience watching inside the church).

Facility had no tech or data network. We brought in everything needed to stream to the decedent's private YouTube channel.

Legacy of Life Story Videos - Heirlooms to be shared for generations

- “Basic” package slide shows

- “Recall” package slideshows with added description graphics

- “Legacy” package with photos, videos and graphics

- “Heirloom” package with narrated “biography style" videos with all of the above and interviews

Supplemental Updated Audio Visual Equip

- 82” LED TV’s

-Speaker Systems

-Updated wireless lav mics and handheld microphones

Please let us serve you to make your memorial even more memorable with the team at Stories Well Told.

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