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Exploring the Role of a Digital Media Arranger in the Modern Age of Media Consumption

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

It's Monday and the memorial service is coming up on Friday. Overwhelmed with how it's all going to come together, you rely on your faith and the team that God has brought you to make sure everything comes together. There are many arrangements to make and Stories Well Told is here to serve as your, "Media Arranger".

The Digital Media Arranger works closely with local ministry, funeral arrangers, family and friends to handle all the creative and technical communication needs associated with gatherings of any size. Stories Well Told works with you to turn-key three important areas:

1. Life Video - Creatively telling the story of your loved one.

2. Remote Viewing - Making sure everyone in the world who wants to be included via social media can do so - live. 3. Memorial Experience - The order of service presentation for those watching in the chapel or church is the best it can be.

Photo and Video Memories

Every memorial is the perfect opportunity to showcase a life well lived. Our aim is to create a new "digital heirloom" that can be shared with future generations. Investing the time and effort to use graphics to title milestone photos captures the viewers heart and imagination. We keep polishing this story with your visual images to create a video played back during the service for those watching in person and online.

"As a grieving family, putting together a Memorial is a very difficult process. We received so much more from Brian. He was able to use his artistic skills and personal touch to create a lovely slideshow portraying our mother's life." - Delinda Samp

With careful curation of your images, we will manage the process of turning your precious family photos and video into a Stories Well Told video. We organize the process so the work load is on us, and you will feel secure knowing we have it just right.

Once we've received your images, we craft your video, giving you at least two review sessions to make sure it's perfect.

Attention to detail as we work on a very short schedule is what we do.

Screens, Projectors, Sound and Mics

In many situations, supplementing the facility with up-to-date technology is necessary to make an effective presentation. Large LED TV's and theater sound envelope the viewer as we showcase your loved one.

"He also made the venue work beautifully with all the appropriate equipment to provide a smooth and cohesive ceremony. Brian was an angel in our darkest hour. We had family and friends in other parts of the US and Japan. Also, with Covid we did not want to have a large gathering at the memorial. We hired Brian to help us stream our event."

Video Capture & Streaming

As the Digital Media Arranger, we focus on the order of service and all the creative and technical aspects of how your service looks and sounds to the local audience in the room and those watching online.

Streaming in high definition on Social Media, we use multiple, remote controlled cameras to create a quality digital record of the service. The goal is to present an experience that not only captures the messages but does so in a way that those who could not attend, feel like they were there, while watching remotely from anywhere.

"Brian is sensitive and kind and was able to work with us in a compassionate way and helped us stay on track. I cannot say enough about Brian's professionalism and ability to deliver all the details that worked for us. We are so happy that he was part of what was, to us, a very important event."
A beautiful moment sharing stores of a life well lived.

Testimonies and Remote Presenter

In many instances, it's impossible to get all the presenters in the same room at the same time of the service. Whether live or pre-recorded, the team at SWT can serve you to insure today's communication tools are used. We coach you through the whole process so no one is left out and all feel connected to the moment.

Once you've arranged for flowers, bulletins, clergy and burial details, having a reliable, personal, "Digital Media Arranger" will help insure that the day will be a little less stressful and much more meaningful for you and your guests.

Please let us know how we can serve you.

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Gary M. Banks Sr
Gary M. Banks Sr
Feb 16, 2022

Amazing footage, clarity, and beautify. All presentations well deserved and crafted

to remember our loves until Jesus comes.

Job well done, Stories Well Told.

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