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Where do I start?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Stories Well Told is a trusted partner to provide excellent curation of your loved ones photos and videos. Perhaps you've been expecting this day to come and you've been gathering elements to help tell their story...maybe you have not...don’t stress. We can help you.

We love to pour over albums and look through shoe boxes of photos and slides. We have the patience and know what images will be best for live streaming and home video. Let us transfer your home movies and films so they can be edited in a new digital masterpiece! The more images you have - the easier it will be to tell their story. No need to burden yourself making decisions on what photo goes where. We will work with you to make it all happen to tell their story.

Can I use Zoom?

If you have someone you would like to speak at the service, we can bring them into the service through pre-recorded video or live through Zoom

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