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Who's Retiring?

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

The tech industry has been aging rapidly. Leaders who bet on Silicon Valley are cashing in their chips and moving into retirement. Smart companies have chronicled their company histories after many years shaping an industry that changed the world.
Executive Retirement Video

The CEO was retiring. He was loved and laid many cornerstones in the history of the Silicon Valley. When we were hired, the genius was the rock music video that was created by a great idea in Corporate Communications. The lyrics were changed and it was a perfect parody. What fun the Board Members, Execs & Friends had playing different roles lip syncing to an authentic re-sing of a legendary rock hit. We re-united the actual band to create the vocal track. Everyone wanted to be in this cast. All in costume. All in that sixties hippy attire. We shot all over. Inside jets, in his fishing boat...with his barber, his wife, the incoming CEO....yes, we got him good and it was great fun for all involved.

The next example I can recall, was the General Manager retiring from the factory that made a product people use every day. He worked there for like 40 years. The send up starred most all of the company who gladly filmed their elaborate spoof on location of what they could only imagine doing while, "the boss was coming" on his walk around the plant. Hilarious. Mad cap fun that they are still talking about. I'm proud to say we truly united that company.

If you're on point to throw that special event. Let's honor that person with a little movie about their life. Stories Well Told can pull out all of the stops. You'll only have one shot at making a memory they will cherish forever. Make the event one that showcases a job well done with a Story Well Told.

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Watch the Music Video that rocked HP here -

Retirement Party Video

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